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What is a website?

Website is a collection of web pages, on a dedicated server, which consist of text, images, videos, scripts and multimedia files to inform or teach or instruct online users.

Features your website must have:

The rapidly changing online world demands that your website must become not only an information source but also a customer interaction platform which earns you money.

Your site must have following features at the least:

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Goal centric website:

It is a website which combines visually appealing design along with compelling content. This type of website is designed keeping in mind the macro and micro goals of a business.

For example, if your aim of creating a website is lead generation then your macro goal would be converting potential buyers into actual customers. Your micro goal would be using techniques to create user engagement to help you with your macro goal.

Such a website implements various techniques like:

  • Tools for lead capture
  • Social sharing buttons
  • Content (via blogging)
  • Offering free knowledge to your customers(via downloads)
  • Email subscription to name a few.
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Website should be responsive:

The advent of devices like smartphones, tablets have brought internet at the users’ fingertips. People prefer these devices for their online activities.

An estimated that 1 billion people use smartphones, so if your website is not mobile-friendly then you are certainly missing a very big opportunity to reach your customers (potential ones too).

By creating a responsive website:

  • You need to create content only once.
  • You can save unnecessary wastage of money and time.
  • Update the site centrally and it automatically updated for all devices.
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Well balanced website:

What this means is that your website should have a fine balance of content and visually appealing design. You not overwhelm visitors to your site with either too much content or visually distracting design.

Every page should be such that:

  • Content and design complement each other.
  • Not interfere with each other.
  • Has well spread content.
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Accessible through social media and other marketing channels:

You are making a big mistake if you are only relying on traffic through search engine. You must ensure your website is visible on sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest.

Link your accounts on these sites back to your website. It’ll ensure whenever someone shares any of your content on social media, they will come to website (means more site traffic).

You can use the following for driving traffic to your site:

  • Tweets
  • Facebook posts
  • Pictures on Pinterest
  • Guest blogging
Web Design Updates

Regularly Updated:

Your website must meet the international standards. Besides, technologies become outdated in few months time, make sure your site has the latest version.

And finally, don’t forget to add fresh & helpful content for your site visitors or else your website could become liability for you even if you have latest technology.

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